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Transferring phones?

SO heres the deal, I have this iPhone SE. Its fine for what it is, but it has only 16 gb of storage. That would also be fine, but 10 gb of my storage is taken up by "other" (not photos, music, vids, whatever) and I cant delete it. I want to just buy a 64 gb iPhone SE on eBay (same kind) for like 100 bucks (unlocked) and transfer my phone service onto the new one. Is that possible to do at home without risk? Or do I need to go to the retarded Verizon store? If its possible to do at home (I've heard swapping SIM cards does the trick), what is transferred and what isn't? Thanks

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    You should be able to do that at home. I've purchased several eBay phones and activated them (i.e. changed from one phone to the eBay one) without issue. One phone I bought had an issue and couldn't be activated so the eBay seller refunded me (and didn't want the phone back, so I still have it and works with wifi). Just buy from a reputable seller and all should be well.

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