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Should there be free contraception in the water for both men and women?

And to reverse it you have to take a test. Not exactly an IQ test but a test to prove you are fit to reproduce. You have to take a test to do just about anything else (legally), that is a lesser responsibility than raising a child.


Bobo: I definitely agree with you that people need to take responsibility for their actions and we should value those things but unfortunately so many people do not take responsibility for their actions or care how their actions may affect other people. Until people can be honest, responsible and have integrity and self control they shouldn't be allowed to reproduce and make mini versions of their awful selves.

Update 2:

Rick: I believe if people truly love their children they would provide food, shelter, clothes, etc and raise them free from violence, abuse and neglect and those who cannot do that should not reproduce.

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    Nothing in life is while I love your plan....someone would have to come up with a ton of money. Cities can't afford current water treatment practices. Nobody gets everything right. some people shouldn't have kids, but every parents gets some things right and every parent gets some things wrong, and sometimes we have to just simply forgive because maybe the parent was undiagnosed with something and maybe because of that it played a role in their parenting....the hurt they caused their kids and didn't know it.

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  • Bobo
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    Sounds like eugenics. What about if people actually took on responsibility for themselves and their actions? What if we as society began to value things like honesty, responsibility, integrity, self-control, etc.? That would solve the problem without artificially tampering with society. Today's generation wants to shift their individual responsibility to the government--how sad.

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  • rick
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    8 months ago

    I'd like to see something like this. Right now, we are leaving child raising to the least qualified people. Parents. Love doesn't feed, clothe, shelter or pay medical bills. Neither does it educate.

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