Family guy Season 17 Episode 5 ending question (spoilers)?

At the end of this episode, peter asks what show is on after family guy and the others look away awkwardly. What show is on after Family Guy there?

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  • 8 months ago
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    The joke is that Peter is initially announcing American Dad! is on next, but that show had long since moved to TBS. So Peter inquires about the show that replaced it and everyone's awkward because every show that's followed Family Guy to date has collapsed.

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  • Here's what you could do. You could Google when the airdate for Season 17 Episode 5 was, and then you could look at what the lineup was for that night, and you could even compare it to a previous week, to see if anything has changed. Or you could try looking at the trivia section for the various websites that are dedicated to that particular episode.

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