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Maths Question "Of the countries shown, which has more televisions than radios?" Thanks!?


Please explain too.

Update 2:

Don't worry. I was looking for someone to explain it clearly, but I have it now. The answer is Japan and Russia. And again, Anonymous, you can go and you know what.

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    The more people there are to a single item, whether radio or tv means the less in total there are. So less people per item on average means more items.

    Hence, the radio bar needs to be higher than the tv bar.

    You are correct with Japan and Russia.

    Note: A little late but I hope it confirms things?


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  • Bryce
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    8 months ago

    Australia, Italy, UK, USA

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    You must still be in elementary school.

    • Wow, 'Anonymous', smartass. If you were thinking what Bryce said, you're wrong. It's not even from an elementary maths book. WTF are you on this site if you're not going to be helpful?

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