If I'm very laid back in my life, would it make me a bad parent?

I don't have children, with very little experience in taking care of kids.

While I'm a responsible student and helpful around the house with rent and chores/ maintenance, my mannerisms may seem a bit laid back for an adult.

For instance, I like to walk around the house in bare feet, unless it's really cold. The reason being I get overheated, constricted and uncomfortable easily if I'm wearing footwear that I don't need to go out.

Another habit of mine is leaving the curtain of my bedroom open until the very minute it gets pitch black. When it's sunset and the sky turns a deep dark blue, I still have the curtain up because I like the views.

They're really the only habits of mine that people comment on.

Just wondering would these habits as a parent seem strange to a child? And maybe it might influence bad or lazy behaviour in the child?


A third habit is having the air conditioner on, even in winter. The reason is my place gets warm easily from congested air and traffic. I think, just because it's winter doesn't automatically mean it's going to be very cold.

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  • Jeff
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    10 months ago
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    Kids love laid back adults, as long as you can be firm about rules when you need to be. I’m a laid back adult and have a kid. We have a great relationship!

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  • 10 months ago

    I guess everyone has a weird habit or two. I don't think being laid back would immediately mean that you'd become a bad parent. For me, life really becomes different once someone becomes a parent. You grow to love this tiny human being who does nothing but poop, cry, drink milk, and sleep all day. You'd obviously want to provide the very best for this little one, and to be a good parent to him or her. I think that once a child enters into your life, you could change (for better or be the same laid back person, who knows? That's entirely up to you). There's *almost* no right or wrong habit or lifestyle that would tell if a person would be a bad or good parent.

    And I think, for the child, it doesn't really matter if you leave the windows open or walk around barefoot. Maybe they'll eventually walk around without their shoes, just like mommy/ daddy. It wouldn't be too hard to remind them to wear theirs. It's all about how you raise them, not what life was before they were born.

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  • 10 months ago

    You will be a great parent because you won't pressurize your children

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