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Tips for creative writing? (anxiety)?

I'm planning to do a creative writing piece for class. I've experienced anxiety, especially social anxiety up into high school and I thought it would be cool to write about that. I'm 16! I'm just not too sure where to start. Any tips on how I could do this? The teacher told the class not to start bland, such as waking up etc. I'd appreciate the help if anyone could give me advice! I will want a good grade in this and I thought writing about a personal experience would be easier when it comes to talking about the emotions, eg; sweaty palms, nausea etc, it's just starting is a problem! No hate please, only comment if you're actually going to help :)

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    I'm not sure that writing about yourself is an easy thing to do.  When I show people stories that I have written I still feel that I am baring my soul to them even though the story is not directly about myself.  A bare description of social anxiety isn't really creative writing but stand up comedians take a creative advantage of these kind of things in their lives to make others laugh. To me it would not be very easy to write about myself in that way.  I would rather write a story about how someone like you overcame their anxiety to go out with a girl or achieve some other goal.

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  • 5 months ago

    try to make them sleep

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