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if you were interested in joining either the army or the air force, which would you join?

Army, easier and faster to get into, but after you're in : longest deployments of all branches... have to go to the field without taking a shower for weeks or months at a time.... mandatory group PT everyday that consists of the same exercises like the "prone row" that have no use for your fitness at all, and are really only meant for social function for unit cohesion and for sergeants to show that they can lead troops.....burdensome infantry equipment issued to everyone that you must make sure nothing happens to any of it or're promised that the Army is the only branch that guarantees you your MOS, yet when you actually get to your unit you end up spending most of your time in the motor pool cleaning out the same sheds over and over again...... if you're not married, you can't leave the barracks until you're an E6....treated more like a little kid etc

Air Force, harder to get into, but after you're in: no infantry gear.....rarely if ever go to the usually get to do your own PT and the occasions you do group PT it isn't the ridiculous drill and ceremony crap the Army does.... you actually get to DO YOUR JOB more often instead of being out in the motor pool doing crap completely unrelated to your are more likely to have a job that better translates to civilian sector when you leave the military....if you're not married, you get to leave the barracks at the rank of E4 rather than E6 with Army....treated more like an adult, etc


Would you rather join the Army, and literally have a bad @ss (from not being able to wash your butt for weeks) for the sake of trying to look like a "bad @ss" and put yourself through all this extra crap for no extra pay

Or would you rather join the "chair force" and just get the medical/education benefits of the military, plus a good translatable job...without the extra unnecessary crap the Army puts people through?

Update 2:

Army: work harder, not smarter or Air Force: work smarter, not harder?

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  • 88
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    5 months ago

    The Chair Force comment yet again from a bottom basement nobody.

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  • 5 months ago

    Most enlisted people in the Air Force don't have to worry about being shot at.

    • Jill5 months agoReport

      That definitely not true. Air Force has security forces which just so happens to be the largest enlistment field and yes they see combat too and deal with light infantry.

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  • KaleyK
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    5 months ago

    The problem with your narrative is that you assume all jobs in the army/air force are the same. Would you rather be a payroll clerk in the army or a PJ in the Air Force? The PJ will spend a lot more time with a dirty butt than the payroll clerk. Yes, the Air Force is a softer service because it has a ton of support jobs ... it takes a lot of support to keep an airplane flying or missiles ready to fly. However, the Air Force also combat controllers, often one of the first people in-country for combat operations; PJ, the para jumpers, that rescue downed pilots: and security units, that are essentially Air Force infantry. Their mission, which they take very seriously, is to guard air bases. Both services have admin clerks, repair people, motor transport, etc. So what is it that YOU want to do in the military? Another important question, do you know what the military does for a living? I highly recommend you do a lot of reading before making any choice.

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  • y
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    5 months ago

    You are wrong in your summery. I was in the army my brother in the air force. There is a lot of cross over depending on ones job. As far as I know, they all keep their promise of MOS training, then they plop your *** where you are needed. Usually it is in ones job. That is the key, ones job. The branch doesn't matter, they all have their plus and minuses due to their missions. It's the jobs that is the key. You figure out what you wish to be trained in, what civilian equivalent it crosses over into, then you base your decision on that info. The branch that best aligns with your goal is the one you go into.

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  • Daniel
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    5 months ago

    Look at what you wrote.

    How many "pros" do you have for the Army? Unless you really want to be in a combat arms MOS really badly, the Air Force seems to come out on top here.

    Having been Air Force and pimped out to the Army for a few deployments, I know I made the right choice.

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