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what are the invisible spots in my vision?

occasionally, like right now, my vision just stops working right. i look at something and part of it just wont be there. i looked at myself in the mirror, focusing between my eyebrows and my peripheral vision could not pick up my left nostril and left cheek area. if i look at the center of my tv, the bottom left corner is gone. if i’m just looking into the air i see some weird line that looks kinda like when your cat’s hair gets in your water, except it’s a weird nonexistent blue purple gray color. the only reason i’m really able to type this right now is because like most 18 year olds i have memorized my keyboard. i have an eye doctor appointment coming i soon and i’m going to bring this up, but i want to know asap so i can try to see if i can fix it because it’s annoying and scary.

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  • Ray J
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    9 months ago

    We all have a blind spot in the center of our vision where the optical nerve connects to our eye. Usually the brain fills this spot in with information from what is near it in our vision but sometimes if we look long enough without moving our heads the brain doesn't have enough information to fill that spot in and we wind up with a blank spot in our field of vision.

    • lia9 months agoReport

      i don’t think that’s it, i kept testing it looking at stuff and there kept being a random invisible spot on every object. started in the bottom left of my vision and then started moving up (the tops of objects were gone instead of the bottom left) and now i can see better but i have a small headache

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