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Can a person go from AIDS(with 2 OI's and T's below 200, no VL) back to HIV with no OI's and Tcells mid 500's under medication?

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    Yes, it is possible. This is described in the medical literature as AIDS in remission. HIV is the name of the virus, not the disorder. AIDS is defined as the functional disorder caused by the HIV virus. Technically, all people infected with HIV have AIDS, the same way as all people infected with rhinovirus have a cold.

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    8 months ago

    You cannot go from AIDS back to regular HIV. Once your tcells have dropped below 200 and at the same time have opportunistic infections, you have an AIDS diagnosis for life. No turning back even if your tcells climb back to 500 or more, your immune system is still damaged. AIDS was just the cdc's way of keeping surveillance on the effects of the HIV virus when it began. Don't be discouraged though....if your on new medication which begins to work, you may see a gradual increase in your tcells, even though you technically have AIDS you can live a very long healthy life if your tcells rebound nicely It won't happen overnight, but in about 4 months or so, you should notice an increase in the hundreds if the new meds are working well. Some people on the newer hiv meds can live a decade or more with an AIDS diagnosis if the new meds begin to work well...which they should/

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