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Is my brother a pedophile?

This is the message he wrote on my messenger and it sounds like a confession:

My name;

After you read this, you'll probably hate me. I've been holding into this secret for too long but I might as well share it with you. I always knew this since I was 12. I've never acted on it. I will never but can't help what I'm attracted to.

I'm a f****** POS for even getting turned on by it. I wish I was a normal guy attracted to women my age or older. Why did God place this curse me with this? I feel like an eternal child in the body of a grown man that will never grow internally. I'll never form meaningful relationships with women. I'll never have a wife.

I have no intention of ruining innocent lives. I really don't. Remember all those times I refused to participate in any gatherings with kids, the time I yelled at a kid telling him to get lost and even told you I hated kids and how I was crazy to have a vasectomy done? I already had a vasectomy. That was my way of maintaining control over it, over my sickness. Some day I feel like ending it. I hate my life. I hate myself.


This is what I'm guessing. In the message he claims to have never acted on it and seems disgusted to even have that sickness. He hates himself on the message.

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    It sounds as though your brother is dealing with these thoughts and had successfully challenged them, knows they are not ok and is reaching out. He needs help before he does act on these. Usually people that abuse children have been abused themselves. It could help to get him counselling to deal with any abuse he may have suffered and ensure professionals are aware if he has access to any children.

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    Buy him an Anthony Robbins book or audio - or he can watch the Great Man on Youtube.

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