Is anyone else tired of being treated like crap by older people (ecspecially gen-X)?

They don't think I don't know who Andy Griffith is and talk disrespectfully just because I was born when some musician they grew up with was famous when I was a baby. They trash you for not "really" knowing the music. I LOVE their music from the 60s-90s and enjoy music from today as well (I like all kinds of music) but they complain nonstop how today's music SUCKS so badly when I know theirs. I laugh along like a good sport and agree but over time I've noticed it's gotten condescending and a bit hateful.

I wake up and go to work every day, pay taxes, don't ask for handouts, love & respect my parents, don't sleep with a ton of guys, don't do drugs, HATE Netflix and modern TV, get along with people and kids of all ages, moved out when I was 18, ect. (basically I'm a bad millennial- haha!). I remember growing up playing outsideife before the internet and they think I'm like one of these toddlers who knows how to operate an iPad and that I'm automatically selfish as all hell just because I'm young (I have always volunteered when given the opportunity).

I know that every generation HATES the next but I like every generation because I understand the way they grew up is how they were influenced (the good and the bad) and I think it's neat. I'm not perfect but my goal as I grow older is to NEVER get set in my ways, never stop learning, and always try new things.

Does anyone else feel this way?

PS- they still want to date women my age ;)

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  • 9 months ago
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    You make a valid point, my friend.

    There has always been good music and bad music. The good thing is that we are free to choose what we like and don't like. If we keep an open mind and look for the positive, there is no reason we should become stuck in our ways.

    The whole 'generation' thing is a sloppy means of categorising people, ignoring their true qualities. It is crude form of stereotyping which, like all stereotypes, can be wildly wrong. We are all part of a continuum.

    Regardless of our age, we deserve to be treated with respect (until we provide a reason NOT to be treated with respect) just as we show respect to others. We have the right to our own opinions and our own tastes. Both can change over time - in fact they really SHOULD change as we grow as human being. That process never has to stop. The only things that don't evolve are dead and I'm not ready for that yet ... though my age means I am a lot closer to it than you are. Some people have minds that petrified years ago and will never embrace new ideas.

    You are what you DO. You are not what some defective stereotype in a jaundiced head says you are. Keep living like you mean it, my friend, and, I suggest, try not to carry the burden of other people's stupidity.

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  • 9 months ago

    You may have a point, but you are a rarity. Most your women cannot come up with your list of traits. Personally I am tired of SOME kids treating older people like crap and acting like the adult knows nothing. Respect goes both ways.

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  • Foofa
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    9 months ago

    I just indoctrinated my Gen Z kids with my Gen X musical taste and now they love Green Day and Fallout Boy more than Taylor Swift or Lil Nas X.

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  • 9 months ago


    Whenever anyone elderly says something to me, I consider it constructive criticism.

    However, if they're trying to c0ck block a cause I'm hell bent on participating in... with some retarded shxt like I'm being mean?

    I'll break it down for them explicitly in detail where my head is at. And often times, they understand and back off.

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  • 9 months ago

    Be it boobs or fertility, younger people will always think they know best – so, . Especially, it turns out, their elders in the 55- to 64-year-old bracket who are ... looking at breasts online than doing pretty much anything else, as far as I can tell. older people were always grumpy with the younger generation.

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  • Bob
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    9 months ago

    Young people are wilfully ignorant. As a teacher it is disgraceful what basic history these millennials are oblivious to.

    As a music teacher I might as well not have bothered, nobody knows music anymore. No you don’t even if you think you do.

    You are ignorant and self important generation like none before

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