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Blood test question?

Is it possible that when going for a function test for the blood liver function that you may have slightly elevated liver enzymes that result in liver inflammation from fatty liver? is it possible you can have liver inflammation from fatty liver? also is it possible to have inflammation in liver from fatty liver but no hepatitis?

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    To seek answers to medical questions from the medically ignorant Y!A community is foolish. We could tell you anything and you would have no idea if we were correct or making stuff up.

    See a doctor and ask him/her your questions.

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    Fatty liver can cause elevated liver enzymes, but there are other causes of elevated enzymes that aren’t related to fatty liver. Excessive Tylenol use, some recent viral illnesses, alcoholism, hepatitis, thyroid disorders and celiac disease to name a few. Your doctor will want to recheck the blood test in 3 months to see if the enzymes are going down, remaining stable or going up. If repeated blood tests show enzymes not going down or are going up then they will want to do other tests (ultrasound, liver biopsy) to find the cause and decide on treatment.

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