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I had a dream last night that I saw a TV host that was bad off sick. His mask was the face of a white man but when he took it off, he was black. He was in a wheelchair and had to be wheeled around...

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  • 2 months ago

    Well, the TV host is a human being and we all get sick, so why are you disturbed that he is ill?

  • Rich
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    2 months ago

    The interpretation is easy and straight forward:

    1) The fact that he was on TV = this is someone famous. The world knows him.

    2) Sickness = On the inside something was not right with him. There is something wrong with that person.

    3) White mask = the color white in dreams represents purity of heart. This comes from the Bible where Jesus and all his saints wear white robes indicating they have been cleansed and all sin has been washed away.

    In your dream this means this person is pretending to the world to be a man of peace and righteousness.

    4) Black = again, this has nothing to do with natural colors since dreams have spiritual meanings. In dreams the color black represents darkness and unrighteousness. So in your dream this means this man is evil in nature, but to the outside he pretends to be a good person.

    5) Wheelchair = he is being controlled by someone else. The person on a real wheelchair just sits there, and someone else pushes the wheelchair and directs the path. In your dream this means this person appears to be doing his own thing, but behind the curtain someone else is directing his steps and moves.

    Your dream could apply to any politician or actor, or even an athlete.

    It could also apply to the present or the future.

    If your dream applies to the future it could refer to the coming antichrist who will pretend to want to bring peace and the masses will love him, but that is all fake, for in reality he is being fully controlled by Satan.

    This antichrist (read the Bible Revelation 13) will force everyone to take a microchip on their right hand to buy or sell, and do away with cash and credit cards. Do not ever agree to take that thing. The Bible says if you do you are sealed for all eternity as someone that will spend that time in the lake of fire. So beware.

    I wonder if the person in your dream is in fact the antichrist.

    You can also go to YouTube and search for "dream antichrist" if you want to learn more about this person that I suspect you saw in your dream.

  • 2 months ago

    An overweight classmate will ask you to go to prom.

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