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Baby crying and complaining for 8 hours straight?

My baby is just about to be 8 weeks old and has been in this phase for the past 3 days where he will cry for 8 hours straight. I feed, burp, change, play with, talk to, sing to, rock, give baths, etc. and nothing helps. All he does is complain in his crib when I put him down and when I try to have him with me thinking he's awake and bored in his crib he cries like he's tired but as soon as I put him down it's back to crying. I don't know what the hell he wants or why he can't just sleep during the day if he's clearly tired. He sleeps fine at night but during the day its hell. It's the same exact timing too like clockwork. I can't just hold him all day its unrealistic to expect me to either, I have to do other things besides cater to his consitant crying and it's like he doesnt want to give me a break. I understand he's a baby but come on. What even is this and will it get better, worse, or stay the same? I also don't want to hear the judgements from 'perfect parents' either so save me the "how dare you not bend over backwards and almost pass out trying to keep your baby happy like I do. My baby is a little angel so clearly you're doing something wrong unlike me" comments. I can barely eat, sit down, shower, use the bathroom or even sleep during the day because all of my energy is spent trying to calm him down. And don't even get me started on how he wants his pacifier, calms down, then spits it out as soon as I leave the room. What can I do to stop whatever this is?

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    My 4 weeks old had colic, really bad one. I was listening his crying all the time that was driving me crazy. I tried every possible remedy under the sun but nothing was going to help my poor little one unless I put him on "Babies magic tea". It was like a miracle for my boy.

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    So been there! If your baby dr says he’s perfectly healthy and he’s fed, changed and dressed comfortably, then it could be gas (try gas drops or gripe water) or colic. Colic is maddening for mama and even though the crying seems horrible like baby is in pain, doctors don’t think there is any pain. They have no idea what colic is or how to stop it. It just runs it’s course. You can try swaddling, playing white noise in baby’s room, pitting baby in a swing or baby sling you wear while going about your day. Motion seems to help sometimes. You can try gently massaging baby’s tummy and back. Baby may just be overtired and overstimulated. This causes more fussing even though they are exhausted. At 8 weeks old though you can safely lay baby in crib and leave him to fuss a bit. Darken the room, use sound machine or app and just leave for 15 or 20 minutes at a time. Baby may cry but it’s ok if you’re nearby and it’s only for a few minutes. Some babies clam after a few times and learn to self soothe. Hang in there mama. This too shall soon pass.

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    Sweetie, been there, done that...

    If you have fed the baby, burped the baby, changed its diapers, made sure there is nothing sticking the baby in the clothes and no lesions on the baby anywhere, rocked the baby, sung to the baby, held the baby up to your shoulder and danced gently with it, massaged its little belly and feet and back and NOTHING works and you are about to go out of your mind, its okay to lay the baby down in its crib for a few minutes to take a break and regain your sanity. 15 minutes in a crib won’t kill your baby. He could be colicky or have an infection of some sort like an ear infection. I would take his temperature and schedule a doctor visit as soon as possible to be sure there is nothing wrong. Your pediatrician can also give you other ideas.

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    Presumably you've talked to your doctor about it if your baby is regularly crying for 8+ straight hours, so what did he/she say?

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    One of our daughters was happy as long as she was in motion, and spent a lot of time in her swing at that age. With an infant, you need a swing that reclines because he isn't old enough to support his head sitting up.

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    It's called colic.

    As a new parent, it is not unrealistic for the baby to think that your sole job in life it to hold him.

    There is no way a baby can get too much love in the first months of life.

    But the baby in a carrier wrap and sit down to eat.

    No need for you to shower every day.

    No problem using the toilet with him swaddled to you.

    And if he still isn't happy - put on your earphones and continue holding him.

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    Have you had him checked over by a doctor? If you have and all seems to be well, what about trying cranial osteopathy? His little body might be out of alignment and he may be uncomfortable.

    Anything is worth a try. In the meantime, can you get someone to watch over him every now and then so you can have a little "me" time?

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    An 8 week year old has the capacity to complain? Wouldn't that mean speaking a language?

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