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Why are most teachers critical and blunt?

I like my teacher but she is so tough. She criticizes us on what we do, she told us yesterday, "If your parents ask how you're acting in class, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. You kids are the oldest students I'm the school and you can't even behave properly. Very sad. Those little kids are looking up to you, you let them control you and you're the oldest. What up with that? I'm going to start being hard on you. Don't test me!" 

Jeez she is difficult. She's sweet and fun but damn we don't get away with ****. 

Anybody had a teacher like this. 

I'm in 8th grade. We had tough teacher but she is the toughest I've had so far. She can be harsh sometimes and she don't care about our feelings. 

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    If your class is acting like a bunch of clowns, i can't blame the teacher for saying what's on her mind. But plain out criticism and judgment for no reason at all, is a bit over the top.

    Discussing rules is another thing and it doesn't have to come with judgy language, IMO

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  • Edna
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    8 months ago

    Look, little 8th-grader: The teacher doesn't HAVE to "care about your feelings" and she's SUPPOSED to be tough, and to criticize you when you need to be criticized.  That's her job. Her job isn't to pat you on the head and make you feel all warm and fuzzy about yourself.

    When you get out in the real world, your boss is often going to criticize you on what you do. What are you going to do then? - learn from his criticism and keep your job, or whine about it and lose your job?

    "Anybody had a teacher like this"?  Are you kidding?  When I was in high school, ALL my teachers were "like this", and yours will be too; so get used to it. In high school, instead of our teachers "criticizing" us verbally if we got out of line with one of them, we were immediately sent to the Principal's office. The Principal had a paddle in his office, and he would use it to put us on the straight-and-narrow. 

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  • 8 months ago

    I work with children and I am the same way. I am very understanding and kind, but if a kid acts out of line there will be consequences.

    I don't discipline children for fun, I do it because I want them to stay on the right track in life and be successful.

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  • edward
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    10 months ago

    No, never had one like that, i’ve hade tough teachers but i’m like a pressure cooker for the soul. They won’t be tough on me for long

    • Edna
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      8 months agoReport

      No; the teacher won't be tough on you. The teacher  will send you to the Principal's office, and the Principal will be tough on you - much more than the teacher would be.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    You are contradicting yourself. You say "Why are MOST teachers critical & blunt?" but then at the end of your question you say "She's the toughest we had so far." So make up your mind, troll? Which one is it?

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