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How to download MMS on Android without using mobile data?

I used to have an LG android. If I was on Wifi, it would use that to download MMS messages instead of using data.

Now I have a Samsung Galaxy android and it uses data for MMS, even when connected to Wifi.

Even though my last android successfully used Wifi, I am told that androids use data for MMS even when a good Wifi connection is present.

Is there a way to bypass this and force it to use the Wifi?

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    All you should need to do is turn data off on the phone and then turn wifi on. Also go into Wifi Advanced Settings and toggle off "Switch to Data"  Now you should be able to use wifi without using data at all

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  • 10 months ago

    Check your cellular data settings, and make sure you uncheck, use cellular data even when connected to Wi-Fi. On some Android phones, this is defaulted on.

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