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i need advice i feel stuck whats should i do?

so im disabled i get ssi so i have fully coverd health insurance which helps me to becuase i go the doctors alot because my health and physical well being, but i want to get off of and theres no way i will able to afford my insurance bills with even if a really good for how much i need to go . also im on lease with my home for section 8 and i want get off because i havent been home for two years she doesnt want to around me but doesnt want me off, because shell get kicked out i wanna be free from that. im not gonna be here much longer and just wanna get away from everyone..... should get a job like i want to people keep saying im not disabled and not in good condition. i want to have place to go because i dont right now i feel so alone. im sorry i dont write well . PLEASE NO TROLLS im hurting enough

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  • Josie
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    8 months ago

    This Forum is probably not best suited to advise you.

    You need to contact a Charity that provides Advisers

    who are clued up about the Care system in your State.

    Your smartphone may be able find such an organisation

    but you have to ask it the right question.

    A Disability Rights Forum might be a good start..

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      i did contact them and they werent helpful :(

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