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Retinal hole?

I am a 25 year old female with myopia(nearsightedness). Yesterday, I saw an opthamologist and she informed me that I had a hole in the retina of my left eye and referred me to a specialist. Upon hearing this I was very scared and worried as I did not know anything about this condition. And with further reading about it I am even more scared for my eye health and also the laser treatment that I may have to do. Is there anyone who has a retinal hole as well and did you get treatment for it and how did that go for you?

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    A retinal hole that can be fixed with a laser is a relatively minor problem. If your retina detaches and they have to try to reattach it, it is a much bigger problem. The goal of your treatment is to keep things where you don't even know that you had a problem. This is why they have been dilating your eyes regularly, to fix issues before they become problems.

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