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How did hyper-casual gaming take over China (and the world)?

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    One of the challenges that the hyper-casual market is facing is the homogeneity – a lot of games are starting to look similar to the point where it’s hard for developers to make their product stand out. But if you combine this issue with the hyper-casual market’s propensity for ad-based monetization, there’s a way to hit two birds with one stone: get better ad creatives.

    According to Stella Zhu, Creative Director at Mindworks, creative content is something that has to adapt constantly through continuous innovation and iteration, but human needs and desires are relatively stable. She highlighted 3 key strategic points to look at first:

        1.Find your game’s selling points: what are some core gameplay features you can highlight?

        2.Know your target audience: the more you know about your potential players, the easier it will be to target them with the right creatives, both in terms of type and content.

        3.Keep consistency between ad creative and your game: the content of the ad creatives needs to match with the game itself, otherwise you risk creating a negative user experience and will suffer from poor conversion rates.

    Additionally, human needs and desires tend to stay the same, regardless of how technology evolves – use this to your advantage. There are many psychological hooks that can make the difference between good and great ad creatives:

        1.Opinion leader: are big names talking about your game or showing you how to play it?

        2.Cognitive closure: make sure your ad creatives are clear and easy to follow.

        3.Earworm effect: do your ad creatives’ visuals or audio tend to stick in your audience’s mind after seeing/hearing them?

        4.Herd effect & Identity recognition: are other people your target users know playing your game.

    Besides, as Stella Zhu mentioned in her presentation at the ChinaJoy seminar, playable ads, in particular, tend to perform better as they offer a multitude of customizable elements. Experimenting with factors such as visuals, difficulty, length and even CTAs can yield significant ROI increases.


    What Does The Future Hold for Hyper-Casual Games?


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    By being available.

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