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In a chemical reaction of HCl + KNO3?

In a chemical reaction of HCl + KNO3 I mix together in a lab would the products be HCl + KNO3 -> HNO3 + KCl, or is this unrealistic and it s a just a soup mixture of floating H, Cl, NO3, and K in water?

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    the "soup" idea is what you would have. more complicated than that, but as a simplistic mental image, sure. There will not be any solid precipitate, no new phase will be formed, so I am not even sure that I would use a soup model (no chunks of anything). Only salty water.

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    There would be no reaction between solutions of hydrocloric acid and potassium nitrate.

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    If you mix aqueous solutions of these ionic compounds together , no reaction occurs.

    You have a solution containing K+, H+, Cl- and NO3- ions.

    It is important to recognise that you have ions in solution.

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