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Does anyone know how or where I can download a SMS/MMS message ripper?

Either takes hours to receive the message or message is received but won't open instead it saids "Download message" and when I click it, it does nothing. This is why people root devices or rip/intercept messages. I tried downloading Android Messages, my Samsung MMS app will not receive them without any problems unless it has really good signal. It can have good signal and do this annoying stupid crap. I don't want to reset device to factory settings or erase apps because I did that before and it helps only to have the same thing happen later. So I need a SMS/MMS ripper does anyone know how to download that?

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    Make certain that the phone you have, is using the correct/current APN setting for the carrier you are on. This will make all data connections work like they are supposed to work on that carrier. Make sure you let them know if you are using a phone that was sold through a third party business or a carrier other than the one you are on now.

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      Ethan, call customer service at your cellphone carrier, they will go with you step by step to edit the APN settings if they need it.

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  • 5 months ago

    If you have Windows 10 you can just use the "Your Phone" app.

    A problem you may have with MMS is that their use can sometimes be controlled by your mobile provider. So my previous provider did not allow "propper" MMS even though they used them for system control!

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    • I might just switch to Apple, it seems like nobody ever complains about these issues with Apple, which is why I want to intercept messages but I can't even find an app in the play store or app store to do that.

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