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Why do players like Andrew Clements think developers like Nintendo should allow people to use their IPs however they see fit?

Copyright, look it up. It's very strict in Japan, as it should be. Nintendo specifically Nintendo America has no issue with something unless it's using their IPs for profit. Here is a tip, don't try to sell something and plaster Pikachu all over it.

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    Who is Andrew Clements, exactly? All I can find that it is the name of a children's literature author.

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    Even on a brief Google search, I cannot find out who this Andrew Clements you're talking about it. He's apparently absolutely nobody.

    But its worth noting that copyright law is DIFFERENT in Europe and North America to japan. We have the Fair Use doctrine which allows some use of IP so long as its transformative in nature.

    If this Andrew Clements guy is in those areas, he may be covered by Fair Use, because its his local law which will apply to him, not Japanese.

    But you don't sday who he is, or what he's doing, so we have no information to go by.

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      Fair Use is nonprofit, it doesn't translate to fan hacks, using Nintendo IP for self-profit, etc.

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