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I was at the Dr and the screensaver for ultrasound came on, said ACUSON S3000 Helx. Not sure if that's "helix" shortened? Is it weird that?

The ACUSON S3000 logo was mirrored letters? (Intentionally, the logo was created that way) considering the unintentional mirroring that ultrasounds so often do, causing Drs to imagine organs are elsewhere and perform thousands of needless surgeries? Like do they just want to remind customers of how the machine mirrors images, the high rate of mirroring artifacts? *Sarcasm* The rest of the screesaver had a lavalamp-like blob swirling, that was reminiscent of how images are all skewed and stretch and decrease size across the screen from the equipment. Let's see how dumb thousands of Drs will act about equipment that automatically distorts images 🙄. Link to a page mentioning mirroring artifacts and how it adds "friendly artifacts", such as reflecting parts of organs to somewhere they are not. I'm sure all Drs keep this in mind before performing surgery.Hundreds of surgeries performed as I write this bc of incorrect ultrasound artifacts, like a funhouse mirror, at times kaleidoscopic,a lava lamp. Organs stretch and skew across the screen, increasing and decreasing in size.That's not to say ultrasounds are totally useless, but some things Drs should not attempt to make judgements on w this type of technology.They've even been known to say stuff is missing just bc they couldn't pick it up on ultrasound, when it's actually there.Have removed imaginary gallstones that were just gas bubbles.why isn't surgery better regulated?

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  • Piero
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    5 months ago

    In the USA physicians are not healers. They are salesmen for pharmaceuticals and procedures. The WHO rates the US medical system as number three in North America. Worse yet! The SOBs get to bury their mistakes and charge the survivors for making them!!!

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  • 5 months ago

    Doctors are in it for the money.

    Lives they care less about.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    When I say "intentionally", I mean the logo wasnt an ultrasound mirroring artifact error. The logo was created that way for use on the screensaver.

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