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Police department sent my speeding citation and void to wrong address.?

I received a speeding ticket in Ohio; it came late since they sent it to the wrong person. They also sent they void to the wrong address. I called their photo speed division and they said they have never sent the void to the wrong address.

My question is, can this be a legitimate case to fight in court? They took off the late fee, but I'm not happy with their incompetence with handling citations.

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    You MAY have a case to void charges related to not appearing on the original date.

    NOTHING you state is relevant to the original charge of speeding.

    That said part of your story CANNOT be true. The ONLY rational meaning of 'void' is a document REVOKING the citation. If such action was taken, there would be no reason to appear in court at all.

    • Charles5 months agoReport

      You misunderstood what I wrote. They sent the original speeding ticket to the wrong person. To solve the issue they were supposed to send a void to the first driver, but sent it in my name instead.

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  • Bruce
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    5 months ago

    The judge has no jurisdiction over the officer's conduct. If you contest the ticket, all the court will care about is whether or not you were speeding. 

    If you would like to complain about the officer's conduct, that would go to the shift supervisor or Internal Affairs. 

    • STEVEN F
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      5 months agoReport

      You didn't READ the details. There wasn't ANY officer conduct involved.

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  • Kerri
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    5 months ago

    Could be a case in your favor. Would depend on when you finally got the ticket in the mail though. Courts usually give two months before court date or payment of ticket so if the ticket didn’t make its way to you until after date to pay or go to court had already passed you could fight it. If it came before that date, even s day before, they would argue that you could have called for extension or a later court date.

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