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What’s the big deal about Americans having Native American in the DNA?

I don’t get why republicans make fun of native Americans.

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  • Troy
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    10 months ago

    Elizabeth Warren lied about being native American in order to get preferential treatment afforded to Native Americans due to hardships they faced after living on reservations and because of treaties they signed with the American Government. She committed a fraud that undermined the efforts to assist the Native Americans. Republicans that make fun of Warren for that offense against Native Americans are actually making an effort to protect Native Americans from any that might be wanting to follow Warrens example and defraud the Native Americans.

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  • 10 months ago

    The big deal is the Elizabeth Warren lied about being part native American and thus received all of the special privileges of affirmative action instead of being held back because she is white. Thus, she was promoted to be a tenured law professor at Yale and used it to become a politician, and used that to be a democrat presidential candidate. It is all based upon a lie being part Cherokee. The funny thing is that Trump questioned her claim and so she had her DNA tested. It showed she had no indian genes at all, even less than most Americans. That said, she was from Oklahoma, and everyone in Oklahoma thinks they have indian genes, and they probably do. If you look at her, you can "see" about 1/16 Cherokee. Might also add that Warren, considering the multiple times she has claimed indian genes, had to have had her DNA tested (costs $100) and knew that she was not. So, she knew she was lying.

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  • 10 months ago

    People who are actual Native Americans get hiring preferences.

    You are not an American to not know that, and that is also why you think Republicans "make fun of Native Americans" when that is not true.

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