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What is the best first date idea?

There’s a girl who I go to school with. We hang out to do homework and such so nothing really like a date. I’ve known her for almost a year. I know a good amount about her and she does about me. She’s 19 I’m 20. I plan on asking her out and for sure she will say yes. Now I need a place so we can go. Our towns don’t have the best attractions. The good ones are pretty far and I don’t want to travel far for a first date. Here a local first date ideas so rate them please.

1. The first one would be a museum that gives the history on my town. It includes athletes, musicians, artists, founding etc. I find it interesting and I do think she’s into stuff like that too. It’s not big museum like others but it’s decent.

2. The second date would be a bowling alley. It has is a cafe, bowling, and a small arcade. It’s not that big.

3. Third is a family fun center. It’s main focus is children but I’ve been there a few times and think it’s for all ages. Some games are restricted cause of our age. But they do have a bowling alley, skating rink, arcade, mini golf course, and a few rides. It’s a pretty big place.

4. Is a movie date no explanation needed.

5. The 5th is a botanical garden over in the next town. It’s pretty small, probably not the best, but it’s different and unique. Only problem is I looked into it and you can walk through it in 10 minutes.

6. Is the mall. Our mall is small and only shopping.

Rate each date please.

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