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What does this mean for me?

There is this guy I’ve been talking to and he definitely seems to like me texting me everyday, calling me cute, texting me to let me knows that he’s doing something and to not think he’s ignoring me. It’s everything i want, but there is still a fear that he’s either doing the same to other girls or trying to get something out of me. I not usually insecure i just want it to work out. He always talks about loyalty and how he’s been betrayed and i have too, that’s why i think i worry so much. I want to trust him so if this does work out we can have a healthy relationship, but he has a flirty personality and i just can’t because of past experiences. And advice on how to get over this or any tips or comments at all is appreciated!!

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  • 10 months ago

    I think he definitely likes you.

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  • peachy
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    10 months ago

    You either bring your issues into a relationship or try and work them out through a healthy relationship.

    I understand that you both would talk about past experiences and fears and hope that this isn’t going to be another terrible experience.. but how much different this relationship would be if you two just showed how you both are committed to your relationship by just being there for each other and sharing your days together? Completely different.

    I want to know that he’s telling me what he’s doing because he wants to share it with me out of love, not fear of another betrayal. You know what I mean? And the same goes for you. You two should relax into knowing you two love each other and are committed to this relationship.

    Make new beautiful memories of your time together.. not just talks about bad experiences.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    If he has a flirty personality then other women may think he likes them as well. He needs to change so that other women can wonder why he's not attracted or doesn't seem to like them. You need to tell that to him, tell him his flirty ways are of a concern to you.

    • doris10 months agoReport

      i Know it’s just I’ve known him forever and we’ve only been friends now we’re switching into relationship mode and it’s all new for me it all just happened 5 days ago

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