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Jeff Bezos makes thousands per minute while Amazon workers live on welfare. Is that what Republicans mean by "trickle-down"?

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  • 3 months ago

    He will replace them with automation/robots and drones soon enough.

  • 3 months ago

    How many businesses did those Amazon workers start and risk their own capital to run?

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Jeff Bezos is lying scum.

    He slashed the total earnings of warehouse workers and then lied to numerous media outlets that he was "raising minimum wage."

    Workers who may have been earning $30/hr including benefits now find they're earning ONLY and can earn no more than $15/hr.

    Just imagine what would happen if he was president. He'd raise minimum wage and "pay for it" by removing welfare.

    • out2lunch4now2
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      3 months agoReport

      The communist welfare state programs are unconstitutional and need to be ended, anyway.

  • Stan
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    3 months ago

    It is shocking how many Americans refuse to acknowledge the degree to which they are being ripped off by the wealthy.

    Shocking. Simply Shocking.

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  • 3 months ago

    My nephew is an Amazon robot and he likes it there. Hard work is rewarded. The only folks complaining are slackers.

  • Sandy
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    3 months ago

    then these employees should have come up with the idea to sell online like Bezos. He asked his mother (who is now a billionairess) for money for his startup IPO investment. She believed in him. It was a huge risk that paid off bigtime due to Bezo's business acumen. why is it when people who have a good idea, risk everything to make that idea a reality and become wealthy, the people who work for them, think they are ENTITLED to a huge cut of the pie, when they risked nothing or contributed nothing to the original idea?

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You have two choices

    Choice 1) Support Amazon and their horrible practices of putting people on the street homeless and without a job

    Choice 2) Support retail stores, give Americans jobs, and pay more money (as a consumer) to support those jobs.

    Which choice are liberals more likely to make, the one that helps americans or the one that helps only the rich?

  • 3 months ago

    Bezo is a Leftist able to pay Amazon employees what he chooses .

  • TomB
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    3 months ago

    Sep 11, 2019 - Salaries at Inc range from an average of $59,343 to $149,076 a year. Inc employees with the job title Senior Solutions Architect make the most with an average annual salary of $154,065, while employees with the title Warehouse Associate make the least with an average annual salary of $29,084.

    Amazon Sets $15 Minimum Wage For U.S. Employees, Including Temps

    October 2, 20187:33 AM ET

    Amazon will pay all of its U.S. employees a minimum of $15 an hour, more than double the federal minimum wage of $7.25. The retail giant, run by the world's richest man, was criticized earlier this year after revealing its workers' median pay was $28,446.

    Amazon says the new rate will go into effect on Nov. 1, covering all of its full-time, part-time, temporary and seasonal employees in the U.S.

    • 3 months agoReport

      Amazon raised minimum wage to SAVE MONEY! Yes, they're saving money because before employees were earning benefits that granted them more than the base pay... AND it makes Bezos look good when he is pure evil.

  • Mike
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    3 months ago

    Bezos is a liberal ask him

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