Do I get free health care in other countries?

I am transgender and I take testosterone. I live in the. UK and get this for free and I will hopefully be moving to Germany later this year.

How will I get my proscriptions moved to the doctors surgery in Germany From England? Will I have to pay?

Is there free health care there?

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  • 8 months ago
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    Currently UK citizens can get healthcare either for free or for a large discount in EU countries (and some others such as Norway) because the NHS acts as an insurance provider for UK citizens. All you need is a European Health Insurance Card to prove you qualify.

    After Brexit this is almost certainly going to end. It wouldn't if the government could work out a deal, but one of the consequences of no deal is that... well you don't get any deals.

    You should only really rely on EHIC if you're visiting though - if you're going to be resident in Germany you should get insurance there, either from a state insurance provider or a private one. The German state system is called the GKV and it works in a way that is quite similar to the NHS at a basic level - a proportion of your income goes on your health insurance, and as it is mandatory it is essentially a tax.

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