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A student drove to the university from her home and noted that the odometer reading of her car increased by 12.0km. The trip took 17.4 min.?

If the straight-line distance from her home to the university is

10.3 km in a direction 7.00º south of east, what was her average velocity?


If she returned home by the same path

5.20 h after she left, what was her average speed for the entire trip?

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    Uh 10.3 / 17.4 km/min at E 7.00° S obviously?

    Or 35.5 km/h if you want normal units.

    The odometer reading does not matter. We are asked for average velocity and hence need only displacement.


    The lowest average speed she could've had for the entire trip is 2 * 12.0 / 5.20 km/h.

    We do not know the actual average speed, as she could've gone to class and back to campus 15 times while she was at uni and then to the mall on the way home.

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