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Short & Simple - Why Was My Ex Boyfriend Acting MEAN and RUDE When He Was The One Contacting Me for 1 Year Straight?

Long story short, I broke up with him about a year ago. He would contact me basically saying he misses me, we're meant to be together, and etc. I do admit sometimes I would get mad because I felt he was ignoring our issue and just asking to see me instead of clearing the air. I would respond back with mean comments sometimes.

Nonetheless, I finally agreed to see him. We went to play pool. At first everything was fine. But then later on during our date I noticed he was acting rude/stand offish towards me, and he made some kind of rude comments.

So I don't understand...why was he contacting me all that time? Was he being rude because I was rude (which was MONTHS ago)? I know I have to move on but I just wanna make sense of his behavior. THANK YOU!

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    It appears to be a personality trait where he feels that being insulting and/or condesending makes him appear to be superior to the people around him. He might feel the need to be extra brutal now because he had to beg you to go out with him and now feels the need to "make up for that". Don't worry about making sense of people like that and only surround yourself with quality people. Just move on.

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    to play mind games with you, makes you think he wants back with you but actually wants to mess with your head and feelings?

    call him on it and demand the truth why he got back to you. if needs be, shove him out of your life because he was not that good the first time around anyways.

    do not take s—-t from him.

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