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I get terrible waswas from shaylnn about allah?

My whole Salah is just shayton telling me terrible things about allah, should I redu my Salah- prayer

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    Ignore me if you want to be an anonymous blueface Yahoo answers user. Shaytain not shayinn. Waswas is what. And about Allah if you talked about Allah in prayer you did good job.

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  • Kin
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    5 months ago

    Yes!! the Shaitan is distracting you from focusing on Allah and if you feel terrible things about Allah that is the waswasa of the Shaitan. You should redo your Salat prayer. You should perform ablution {wudu} again and before you begin, say, "A'udhu Billah Mina Shaytaan Rajeem Bismillahii Rahmanii Raheem" and say it sincerely from your heart seeking the Protection of Allah from the accursed satan!

    You should always say this whenever you are about to pray, whenever you are about to perform something or do something and you are seeking the Protection of Allah from the accursed Satan. You should do this as well when you wake up in the morning, praise Allah...say some kind of praise to Allah and then say "A'udhu Billah Mina Shaytaan Rajeem Bismillahii Rahmanii Raheem" and you should be able to get up easily in the morning for prayer as well.

    Don't listen to the waswasa of the accursed Shaitan. Shaitan wants you to get far away from Allah, be hopeless of the mercy & forgiveness of Allah and to forget Allah. Never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah, the Love of Allah, the Forgiveness of Allah. Study Allah's Beautiful Names, Asma Al-Husna, and really know what are the meanings of Allah's Beautiful Names. Always remember, Al-Ghaffor-Rahmeem, Ar-Rahman...Always do your best to remember Allah in the ways Allah should be remembered and express gratitude to Allah and be giving.

    You should always recite the Ayat Al-Kursi, it will help keep away the accursed Shaitan and Shaitan can never come near you. And Allah will protect you.

    You should also recite the Ayat Al-Kursi after each prayer, Allah will give you special rewards and paradise if you do and if you stay away from major sins.

    The accursed Shaitan is jealous of you and doesn't want you to be successful and doesn't want you to be close to Allah.

    Please watch these fascinating short videos in the comments I have posted and should motivate you, very helpful too.

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    • Like999Iblis
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      Oh God iblis said so much in the Quran and God spoke back or Moses spoke back the responses to iblis was pure gold. These Salah are good. But try other surahs throughout the day and the next day. Recite the whole Quran. Not just one part.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Try to focus on you and God and make a strong niyyah. I get waswas from him too. The shayateen will always be there, and it is our job to simply ignore them. Make sure to make a dua and ask AIIah to protect you from them.

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