As a man, I don't understand why a lot of other men like to wear baseball caps or just caps in general. to me it looks juvenile and generic?

Update: just something I noticed. a lot of grown a.s.s men like to wear caps casually

now I know anyone should wear anything if they please, but if you are taking about men who are trying to look attractive, stylish, or presentable. they should seriously ditch the stupid hat
Update 2: hats may have a functional purpose in keeping the sun away from your face, but a lot of men don't wear it specifically just for that purpose. they wear it because they think it looks cool or its something just out of habit

I think more guys should learn how to dress better and stop looking like slobs
Update 3: @loerr

I am not talking about bald men.

a lot of grown adult men with full head of hair too
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