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For people with either depression, anxiety or autism, how do you cope?

I put all of these together as I have all three and I’m having a lot of trouble coping. I have severe depression, severe social anxiety and high functioning autism.

I’m always unintentionally rude to people because of my autism and I can’t figure out how to just, know what people are feeling, does anyone with autism have any ideas on how to know?

With anxiety and depression, I’d just like to hear coping mechanisms

Thank you so much!

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  • justin
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    2 months ago

    I care. im sorry... God is testing you to care. to want the best for everyones soul love god and love good peopel when its hard. If I cna help send me a mesage my kik is gerberstuffbabies my email or usa my text now number is 717 516 0310 and my facebook is camaro elfyboy with a pink sword art online anime picture. Depresion is a disease and u must fight back. I've been thru this, know many friends who are working thru it with my help. u must see thru this illusion . If I didn't care I wouldnt bother replying . Therfore I do care . Therfore i want u to reply. For me accepting that god loves me and wants the best for me and pushing away/blocking negative thoughts and feelings helps alot. Create a rubber band like forcefield within the center of ur mind and use it to push slowly but forcefully all the negativity out of ur mind. Pull urself within this rubber band force field and use it to create some space inside that u can have hope and faith that god will make right all wrongs if u can. Another trick is to put things in perspective. To see the world and ur life as a short temporary schooling for ur soul where u whould try to learn what u cna when u are here cause afterwards is an eternity of perfect bliss and good things. if u cna do it right it often will make u feel ur negativity melt away. All pain and suffering will be reimbursed he told me and it will not be a 1 to 1 ratio but 100 to 1. some pain types differ like oppression which is even more so. So do not allow the sadness to win.

    • Rosie2 months agoReport

      This is such an incredibly sweet response. Thank you so much for being so very understanding and loving 💕 it really means a lot 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I have all 3 plus other severe mental health problems. I found getting a dog was a lifesaver. He's there for me 24/7 and when I'm anxious or my PTSD kicks in he instinctively headbuts me for cuddles. He wakes me from nightmares and stays awake until I fall asleep again and I talk to him when we go out so that my attention is on him and I can ignore other people. Since I got him I've become a wheelchair user but if I need him he puts his paws on the armrest so that we can cuddle that way.

  • plenty of exercise, cardio etc and trying to think positive.

  • 2 months ago

    The good news is that people are pretty understanding if they pick up on your quirks. Few are intentionally cruel, just curious sometimes. Try engaging in a gym, practicing yoga, and getting out there in the world. Volunteers at animal shelters are sorely needed, and you’ll adapt better to your fears when you realize most accept us. Those who can’t or won’t, don’t matter.

    • Rosie2 months agoReport

      Thank you for the tip! I’m only young so I can’t volunteer at an animal shelter yet, but I was planning to when I got older! Same with the gym :) Thank you, your answer means a lot

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Make sure you get out in the sun sunscreen and make sure you get exercise. Relaxation is also very good. You may also need counseling if you're not going already.

    • Rosie2 months agoReport

      I tend not to go out very much, as depression really keeps me in bed, but I try my best to go out with my dad to walk our dog as much as possible though. I have a therapist, he’s the best, but I don’t get to see him as much as I’d like to

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