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Should I bring up this dark past situation to my girlfriend?

We've been dating for 5 months total, exclusive for 1 month, and haven't had sex. 3 weeks into our exclusiveness, she asked "how far do you go physically in dating?" I said I'm waiting for marriage on everything. She said the same. However, I have a deep dark secret that I lost my virginity to an escort in Germany. I was so disgusted (didn't ever finish, I ran out) and I never did it again. I saw her question was "dating"-related and everyone I ever dated, I saved for marriage. I still feel like I omitted a key fact, since she might be assuming I'm a virgin. Should I bring up the escort experience from 5 yrs ago, something that doesn't define who I am today? I feel so guilty/nauseated and untruthful.

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    Be honest. She'll find out eventually, and it's better that she knows now when it will be less painful for her.

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    Tell her the truth. It's best to just be open with it and if she really cares then she'll be fine with it.

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