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I m 19, male and barely have a libido. Is this normal?

So, I ve only hooked up with a couple of guys. (I m homosexual, if this has any importance - although I doubt it).

Last week I had my second sexual encounter and I couldn t sustain an erection. The guy was concerned that I wasn t enjoying it. I explained that I was but it killed the mood because it didn t really seem that I was. To my surprise, he asked me a couple of questions surrounding my libido (he s 28 and therefore has more experience in this field). We mutually came to the conclusion that I have a slight addiction to pornography, and that I masturbate excessively (nearing twice a day). I agreed that I d refrain from masturbation for a week (until we meet again) to see if I can acquire and sustain an erection this time.

However, it s been almost a week and I haven t once thought about sex nor masturbation. I haven t been waking up with morning wood and nor have I had the urge to pleasure myself. Is this normal for a guy my age? Am I not supposed to be like a dog at this age?

I don t know if any psychological factors contribute to my lack of sex drive. I don t suffer from any mental health issues but I am stressed frequently and I do get severely body-conscious and anxious, especially when naked in the presence of another guy.

Any suggestions on how to overcome this? I m really nervous to meet him again in case I can t seem like I m enjoying myself.


I'm 19, male and barely have a libido. Is this normal?

Update 2:

I am 19, male and barely have a libido. Is this normal?

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  • 10 months ago

    Your lack of libido could be a medical / hormone imbalance. Stress can certainly be a huge factor with these things! It sounds like something you should discuss with a knowledgeable doctor as there are several alternatives in dealing with this if it causes you a problem. If you are taking any medications then they could quite likely be a factor. If you are content with your lack of libido then don't concern yourself with the issue; everyone is different. You may be very particular in the types of men you are attracted to; not a negative at all. I met a female once who said she was asexual and had no interest in sex at all; cannot recall how that conversation came up though.

  • Fred
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    10 months ago

    Go see a doctor as likely you are not producing enough sex hormone. This likely can be easily remedied as I believe they can prescribe a hormone gel or spray you put on your arm and is absorbed through the skin and will make you have a stronger libido.

  • Layne
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    10 months ago

    I would never venture to question about what is going or proclivities. I am 19 and a virgin. I hope that isn't a sin. Ugh

  • 11 months ago

    You can be the bottom then it won't be so important.

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  • Josie
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    11 months ago

    So maybe this guy does not turn you on.

    You can be homosexual = it does not mean you fall for

    every guy in the street. I am guessing he is not your

    cup of tea when it comes to sex.

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    No, this is not normal. This can be a sign of many different medical disorders, as well as a side effect of drugs, particularly anti-depressants.

  • 11 months ago

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  • 11 months ago

    These answers disgust me. Don't mind them. Most of people at YA are middle aged men with narrowed brains that can't comprehend anything. Diving into your issue now:

    It's very difficult to tell with the whole libido deal. Many factors can cause it. But I can guarantee that homosexuality isn't the cause. You being born different and liking men is your biological essence; you're attracted to men. Your libido won't think "oh you like men. I'm not interested then". Otherwise most homosexuals would be really depressed, wouldn't they?

    As for erections, odds are porn isn't the cause either. You're too young for porn induced ED, unless you can't maintain an erection WHILE masturbating to porn alone. I would say in general give it a few weeks rest without sexual activity. If the issues persist, try seeing a doctor. But this seems way more psychological than anything, especially due to your concern about your orientation. Just try to relax and everything will be back to normal within a few weeks time.

    Source(s): A straight dude who has more than 2 brain cells
  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Everyone has a different level of libido. It's pointless to ask, "what's normal?" Because it frequently doesn't apply to everyone.

    I would've possibly suggested that you might be an asexual, but it doesn't seem like the idea of sex totally disgusts you, you just don't like it as much as you think you should. Why not try different types of semi-sexual activity, and see if any of that makes you happy. Such as cuddling, or just giving sexual pleasure rather than receiving?

  • 11 months ago

    As the poster of this question, I'd like to address that I do not like women whatsoever. I like men. Always have, and always will. Most of the time, I hate being this way. I did not choose to be homosexual, it was simply the way I was born. Consequently, I am not at all interested in experimenting with women. It is not that I am not turned on by men, it is that I am not turned on by anything - be it due to stress, or other factors. I appreciate suggestions and comments, but I am growing tired of being told that I'm an underlying heterosexual, despite giving no indication of this.

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