My laptop device manager shows storage devices connecting and disconnecting randomly without having any actual device connected to it why?

You can also hear the connected and disconnecting sounds play as it does this. It does it randomly on its own but it does it very very very frequently. Approximately 8 times per minute sometimes and sometimes only a couple but it is very annoying. I think it is the USB port that is causing the trouble I did however disconnect the ribbon to two of the USB ports to see if they were causing the issue but that didn't help. Another weird thing is that any device I actually DO connect to the USB ports actually does work in any of the three USB ports.

About the laptop, it is a Compaq CQ57 that had an AMD 1.0 Ghz dual core CPU. Being so underpowered I figured it needed a motherboard upgrade. I replaced it with an HP 2000 Notebook MOBO. I also upgraded the CPU to an I5 2540M @ 2.6 Ghz and I dropped in 8 GIGs of RAM. It would be a perfectly fine working laptop if it weren't for that issue. everything else is fine with it. I have the same results whether I use Windows 7 or 10, or Linux. Waiting to hear thoughts and thanks in advance!

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  • Shadow
    Lv 4
    8 months ago

    How did you upgrade the laptop mainboard when they have different form factors and how did you upgrade the CPU when they're directly soldered to the mainboard? Are you sure that there's nothing pressing on anything anywhere?

    • buzzard b88 months agoReport

      I wanted an Intel CPU so shopping by part number on Ebay I came up with this board, HP 2000 Series Presario CQ57 Motherboard + Heatsink Fan 646177-001 646183-001 66 This is an Intel board, the chip is NOT soldered to it and they are very upgradable. The board fits perfectly.

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  • 8 months ago

    PSU for USB port 5V power is inadequate to run USB storage devices that suck too many amps from the USB ports. A possible cure would be a powered USB hub or a docking station that has powered USB ports.

    That is all that can be guessed from your statement.

    • buzzard b88 months agoReport

      It sounds like a reasonable guess but I did mention that it does this when the USB ports have nothing connected to them at all. Do you have any other thoughts? Because without anything connected to the laptop there wouldn't be any amperage draw. Unless I am missing something here.

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