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Which parts of Victoria is good mixed farming? Horses, Vegetables and A good location for B&B?

Looking for pasture green town, thats close enough to City, perhaps town water, public transport, and warmer areas. Do I need to go West/East/North? I have found Riddells Creek, Wallan, but I they are too dry and too cold..? I reside in Sydney and only been to Bendigo and Melbourne Metropolitan. Thinking of a tree change.

Looking for 5-10-20 acres, in a township without trouble, clean and welcoming community.

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    Try Inverloch       .

  • arther
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    start in Mirboo North and drive along grand ridge road nice farming country if you don't like too cold maybe give Victoria miss the grass is all ways green in Mirboo bloody cold thou.like the rest of Victoria

  • 2 months ago

    You are clearly are delusional. Unfortunately for everyone it's not 1850 anymore. 

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