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u r on a boat that is crossing the prime meridian. The altitude of Polaris is 50 degrees. Explain how you know the boats location is 50 N, 0?

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    because I know how to read my GPS...

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    Because you just told us that the elevation is 50° North (equator-Polaris) and that we are on the "prime meridian" (0° east-west).

    So that's our location: 50 degrees North¹ of zero (the equator) up-and-down-wise (North/South), and at zero (the meridian), right-left wise (East/West).


    ¹ Because you said Polaris - not the Southern Cross etc. So: Northern hemisphere (not southern).


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    In the northern hemisphere, to find your latitude all you have to do is measure the angle between Polaris (the North Star) and the horizon due north from where you are. For example, at Earth's north pole, Polaris is directly overhead, which is 90 degrees above the horizon. At the equator, Polaris is on the horizon, which is 0 degrees. This is your latitude.

    BTW, those coordinates would put you In the English Channel, about 20 nautical miles northwest of Fecamp, France.

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  • 10 months ago

    I look at the GPS on the radar.

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  • CB
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    10 months ago

    Sure I can, my GPS would tell me.

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    10 months ago

    YOU...not U....come on!!

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