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rascal asked in Education & ReferencePreschool · 11 months ago

Help needed please?

An aunt of one of the children is doing her Level 3 in my nursery setting. Her neice refused to help at tidy up time and, as the child’s key person, I took her by the hand to encourage her to help me tidy up the role-play area. This morning the child’s mum has come in and complained to my manager about the way her daughter has been treated.

How is the best way to deal with this?

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  • Nathan
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    10 months ago

    This could be because you "singled her out" and made physical contact. Normally teachers shouldn't touch a student if they have not made the first move, i.e. In a hug they must initiate it, so the aunty could of told the mother about this

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    The best way is to train all the children at the same time, to avoid singling out one child. My grandchildren's nursery had all the children join in an easy up-beat clean-up chant/song: Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up! repeated over and over until all the tidying was done. The kids like the sing-song, even dancing around to the tune, and the fact that everyone is participating at the same time is irresistible to the reluctant tidier. If not in the beginning, the more outgoing children will usually help the "slackers" by saying enthusiastically, "Look, that goes in here!'" That way the adult can just model the behavior, and doesn't have to intervene. Also, good organization of storage helps. The best part is that it carries over to home use as well. I wish I had known of it when my own kids were little.

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