inverse Laplace transformation with matlab?

Calculate the inverse Laplace Transform of the following rational transfer function?(You need to use partial fraction expansion - MATLAB residue function can be used.)

F(s)= 5/(s^2-s-6)

so i plugged the formula above into Matlab and got r= 1 -1 p= 3 -2 and k = [ ], but I am a little confused on where to go from there

anything helps

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  • Vaman
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    1 year ago
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    F(s)= 5/(s^2-s-6)= 5/((s-3)(s+2)). Use partial fractions. You get f(s)= 1/(s-3) +1/(s+2). Use the table. You will find the inverse transform to be

    f(t) = e^(3t) +e^(-2t). Use table only. Do not try to integrate back ward. That is complicated.

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