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Can you remove your fingerprints by dipping them in a pineapple after poking holes in your fingers?

Hi, I'm an author (not a criminal), asking about pectin and fingerprints.

It is true that you can remove your fingerprints by cutting up a pineapple, poking holes in your fingers, and dipping them in the pineapple for half an hour?

If so, does it leave a mark? Some kind of scarring? And is it permanent? How long does it last?

Thank you for your time.

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    Capecitabine for removing fingerprints.

    Capecitabine is used as a cancer treatment for breast cancer as well as various other cancers. The side effects include inflammation of the palms and this can cause skin to crack and peel. Ulcers and blisters are also common from Capecitabine, which can make a fingerprint unidentifiable. This can take quite a while though as the peeling is only layer by layer and will eventually remove fingerprints.

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    So many sarcastic responses here

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    You'll ruin a good pineapple for desert, nobody else will want to leave their finger prints on it.

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    bunch of stuff on Dexter and CSI is not even close to truth and yet it makes for good tv

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    No friend that's absolute Total nonsense. It takes years and years of working in a pineapple plantation for the citric acid to wear your fingerprints away.

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    No, you must dip them in a pineapple, then poke holes in your HEAD

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