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Which is better to be a vegetarian, a cat or a dog ? Thank you.?


In other words, if they don't eat meat, will they die ? ----- I don't believe, and you ?

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    Unpopular opinion here (what else is new?), but most dogs can probably do alright as vegetarians or vegans provided they're fed a nutritionally complete diet. Vegetarian would probably be easier and healthier in terms of canine nutrition since vegetarians still consume dairy and egg products and so those could be added as kibble toppers or fed as treats for additional protein & other macro and micro nutrients. Vegan is still doable though.

    There are lot of vegan cats nowadays and (another unpopular, but in this case completely correct, opinion) taurine, L-carnitine and so on don't appear to be issues for them at all when fed a commercially available diet, but they do tend to have urinary tract problems because of the alkaline pH of the food, so I really wouldn't suggest feeding kitty a vegan (or vegetarian) diet especially if ethics are a concern for you because.. well.. bladder stones aren't very nice, I'm sure.


    Somebody that actually researches things in depth instead of going on a tangent about natural this and natural that.

    • Star_of_Darkness
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      No dog can eat a plant based diet and live long. All dogs need to be feed meat, bones and organs to live and be healthy

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    i'd choose to be a dog

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    u shouldnt own a pet if you know nothing about their diet......and no dogs and cats arent vegan or vegetarian.......

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    gold fish or lady bugs

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    There is so much hype and craze how vegetarian is supposed to be better, but is it? Every species are different and it's so arrogant how we sometimes impose human traits onto other species believing it is better for them.

    Dogs and cats are carnivores as others have mentioned. My friend owns many cats and he says feed them properly and they will be healthy and live long. Don't fall for the vegan pet food craze. Better yet ask your vet.

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    Both are born carnivores. Changing that diet is unhealthy for them.

  • Mintee
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    1 month ago

    both naturally are carnivores.. dont subject your pet to a weird human fad...

  • Clive
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    1 month ago

    A dog. It can survive on a vegetarian diet. Cats can't.

    There are some necessary amino acids contained in meat that dogs can, like humans, make in their own bodies. Cats can't do this and will die without actual meat.

    • Nekkid Truth!
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      They can survive but not thrive.. A dog wouldnt be healthy on a vegetarian diet

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    Neither should be vegetarian. Get a bunny instead.

    A vegetarian diet will make a dog malnourished but will kill a cat.

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    Neither, they are both devout obligate carnivores.

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