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Why does it appear used cars are more expensive than new ?

For example. I’m looking at a 2019 Honda City, new it’s $17,990 drive away if I look on car sales the 2017 model is even $19,000. Ok the 2019 is a manual price but that’s a huge difference and 2 years on.. please tell me what I’m missing? 

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  • Snezzy
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    9 months ago

    Poor understanding of economics. Similarly, you could be looking at the Megabucks Lottery as your investment plan.

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  • 9 months ago

    You cannot compare a base model to a fully loaded model.

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  • 9 months ago

    I don't know where you're seeing one new for that price.

    MSRP for it STARTS at $19,500 for the most basic trim level. It goes up from there to $27,400

    If that price is accurate, it has to include trade-in, down payment, or some kind of rebate.

    Given that the 2020 model year is already on sale, that might be a clearance price to make room for new cars at the dealership.


    Correction - Seeing that your website for pricing is from Australia, I went back and checked my source. That pricing was for the Civic. Apparently the City isn't sold in the U.S., so auto-correct changed it.

    Regardless, those are still likely the answers.

    The difference in the transmission WILL change the price, Today it is common for a manual to only be stock on the entry-level model. Which the used one probably isn't. AND the 2019 models are being sold at clearance prices to make room for the 2020s.

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    • nicole9 months agoReport

      Thanks for checking and your reply.. yes I did see that but comparing to earlier models (2017) and auto they’re the same price or more that’s what I’m confused about.

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