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Is Samsung really the best TV brand. Does it really matter if someone has a Vizio TV instead of a Samsung TV?

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    Honestly, it really depends on the model.

    I personally find OLED TVs to be the absolute best display. Sony has the best picture processors, which combined with an OLED... it’s just a beast of a TV.

    However, LG makes the panel and is more future proofed. This year all their models have HDMI 2.1 built in where as only Sony’s Master Series OLED has all HDMI 2.0. LG’s OLED TVs are also brighter and I find their smart interface more intuitive.

    If you’re looking at LEDs, Samsung makes some great LEDs... starting from the Q80R and up. They included an optical layer that really helps widen the viewing area and their LED local dimming, while a tad aggressive is still better than compared to the Sony X900F. However, Sony’s Master Series LED beats Samsung’s LEDs by a long shot. They have a higher peak brightness and better HDR support. Samsung should honestly support Dolby Vision... they’re the only TV in the US that’s HDR10+. If they wanted to make waves, they would support both formats.

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    Samsung is good but not the best.

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    No there is better I bet

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    i dont think it matters what kind of tv you have

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    Samsung and Sony are the top two now.

    Panasonic was the best, but it stopped making TVs.

    Vizio is either the top of the bottom or the bottom of the top,

    depending on your perceptions.

    I would rather not have one.

    My list is:

    1. Sony

    2. Samsung

    3. Toshiba

    4. Hitachi

    5. LG


    6. Vizio

    7. Sharp


    Don't buy any of the rest.

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