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Is this what American Conservatives actually believe?

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    The name that any group adopts for itself, or has applied to it by common terminology, is IRRELEVANT. Only by looking at what the group does can its true positions be accurately determined.

    By that yardstick it can honestly be said that liberalism, socialism, progressivism, communism, fascism, Antifa, and Nazism are all leftist (and related) governmental forms because they all advocate and impose, to one degree or another, intrusive, oppressive, violent, and vindictive regimes on their members and the subjugated.


    On the scale of political philosophies we have on the most extreme left a situation of complete, total, absolute, government repression and control where even the number of breaths you take would be mandated, and carry the death penalty for violations.

    On the extreme opposite end of that scale we have complete, total, absolute anarchy where there are no rules, no morays, no laws, no regulations, no social controls or restrictions of any kind. It would be a situation where you could do the most heinous things imaginable without penalty.... if you were strong enough to impose your will on others.

    At some point along that scale there would be a point at which there would be just enough government to assure their citizenry a balance of security and personal freedoms. Anything to the right of that point, while moving toward greater personal freedoms, would also be moving toward fewer government controls and protections. Anything to the left would be moving toward more government restriction, intrusions, oppressions and aggressions.

    From the mid-point on our scale of political systems we can now evaluate liberalism, socialism, progressivism, communism, fascism, and Nazism as all being leftist governmental forms because they all advocate and impose, to one degree or another, more intrusive, oppressive, and vindictive regimes on their subjects than would regimes that exist at the mid-point on our political scale.

    The false assertion that Nazism (and fascism) is/was a rightest form of government has arisen from the assumption that because the Nazis fought the Russian communists in WW2, and the Russian communists were unquestionably leftists, the Nazis were therefore on the right. That's false logic and completely abandons the evaluation of the characteristics and actions of the systems under our scrutiny.

    From the midpoint on the scale of political freedom and oppression, liberalism, socialism, progressivism, communism, fascism, and Nazism all exist toward the left end of the scale as evidenced by the irrefutable fact that they all use the weight, power and force of government to impose greater governmental controls, restrictions, and penalties, than do those forms of government devoted to personal freedoms and personal responsibilities. They are all first cousins under the skin, as can be seen and proven by the way they relate to and impose controls on their citizens and subjects.

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      Of course it is. It is only necessary to list its characteristics to prove it.

  • The consertards, Christards and the whitards also claim that Quora is a communist trap of Russia, indicating that Russia is communist, while unaware that most of Russians, including Putin, are right-wing conservative Christians and the Russians oppose several issues, as atheism, feminism, homosexuality, immigration, etc.

    They also claim that Honduras is communist, when actually Honduras' current president is far-right.

    After they think they have higher IQ just because they are white, Christian and conservatives.

  • this is what happens when people rely on the internet for 100% factual information, they listen to someone giving them a conformation bias

    then comes the re-writing of history to fit their narrative

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    It seems like there's actually a lot of western conservatives that think the Nazis were actually socialists purely because the word socialist is in the name.

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    It's extremely hard to deal with them, especially when you are expecting normalcy.

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    What, you actually expected conservatives to be educated?

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