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What’s the shittiest place to live in America?

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  • 7 months ago

    Flint, Michigan

    runner up's

    Gary, Indiana

    Baltimore, Maryland

    Camden, NJ

    East St. Louis, IL

    Fresno, CA

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  • 8 months ago

    New York city! Filthy, rude and dangerous

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Anywhere in the state of Utah.

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  • 8 months ago

    Memphis, Tennessee and Gary, Indiana

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  • Zheia
    Lv 6
    8 months ago

    White Pine Bay because the motel shower rooms are just plain scary,

    Haddonfield especially around hallowe'en.

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  • 8 months ago

    Alaska absolutely horribly cold and wild

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      8 months agoReport

      Don't forget the earthquakes and volcanoes.

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  • John
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Without getting all prissy about it (?). The shittiest place I ever lived - and I've lived in many places - was Okmulgee, Oklahoma, long ago. 30 miles south of Tulsa, which is no prize either. It wasn't actually horrible in any way you could define, just generally depressed and back water.

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  • Andrew
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    8 months ago

    It would be completely impossible to narrow it down to any one particular place, firstly, because many of the things that make a place desirable or undesirable to live can change quickly, and secondly, because there are simply too many factors that would need to be considered to be able to determine an overall "worst." 

    What's important to one person might not be particularly important to another person. If you're retired, you wouldn't care what the job market is like, so you might be content to live in a place where unemployment is much higher than it is in another area. And if you don't have kids, whether or not the schools are any good won't be a big concern for you either. 

    Some people are very particular about the weather. If you can't deal with long, cold, snowy winters, then there are many parts of the country that you'll need to cross off your list. Likewise, if you don't like roasting in the summertime, there are plenty of places where you wouldn't want to live. Some people like it dry, some people like to live along the coast, some people like elevation. All of those things need to be considered at the individual level. 

    There's also the question of what a person is looking to have available in the place where they live. If you want to live in a big city or large town where there are lots of restaurants, lots of museums, where the public transportation is good and where there's a bit of culture to be found, then your options are limited. And for people who don't have any desire to live in a big city, there are small towns, suburbs, or being way out in the countryside. 

    For some people, it's all about quality of life. They're looking at how safe the place is. There's very little symmetry to that in the US. There are certain parts of big cities that are very dangerous, but there are also plenty of smaller cities and towns that are dangerous too. Every state has its no-go areas from Maine to Florida, from California to Washington, from Alaska and Hawaii, there's no state that's completely safe. 

    Generally speaking, without showing any particular bias because I myself am not an American, from an outsider's perspective, the Deep South does not come across as a very nice place to live. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana do not score very high when it comes to jobs, education, health, and many other areas. The weather isn't great. The states are relatively poor, so infrastructure and healthcare are sub-standard. There are of course exceptions to this, Charleston, SC is a gorgeous city and there's plenty of wealth and opulence to be found there, there's history and culture and it's fairly safe. But overall, the South isn't the best part of the country. 

    Parts of the Midwest are okay, but there are plenty of dangerous areas and vast swathes of boring nothingness. There's very little striking natural beauty compared to the quaint and charming picturesqueness of the Northeast and New England except for places on the Great Lakes like Michigan's Upper Peninsula. By and large, the Midwest is flat, boring and samey. There's little culture, the cuisine is forgettable and one wouldn't be missing much to skip the entire region. 

    The Mountain States have some very impressive scenery, but again, aside from places like Denver, there really isn't any culture or anything worthwhile there, so living there would be tedious. Arizona and New Mexico in the Southwest are some of the worst-run states in the union, I'd be miserable living there. Phoenix is one of my least favourite US cities and Salt lake City and Albuquerque are much worse than they were even 10 or 12 years ago. Places like Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are just backwaters with breathtaking views. If you're a millionaire, they might be a nice place to buy a huge spread to spend a few weeks a year, but living there full time would be terrible. 

    California is the most populous US state and there's a ton of variety to the place, but I hate Southern California, and although parts of the Bay Area are quite nice, San Francisco is too expensive and the surrounding areas just keep getting worse. Oakland and Richmond are good places to get shot. No thanks. 

    Oregon has its strengths, but I just don't really care for the mindset and accent of people from the West Coast. Some of the people from smaller cities might be more approachable and down to Earth, but there are just too many holier than thou hippies, redneck lumberjacks and hipster arseholes in places like Portland and Ashland that the entire region is spoiled for me. 

    The Upper South has some okay areas. I like the Ohio Valley in northern Kentucky and Southern Indiana, but there's a lot of white trash there too. 

    Upstate NY and Eastern Pennsylvania have some okay areas, but it's mostly just small towns in the woods filled with people who left the NY metro area to move up there or out there. 

    Far Upstate NY is like West Virginia. 

    I think North Carolina has some decent areas, so does Virginia, but again, a lot of the culture is just too Southern and they don't take to outsiders very well. 

    I think New England would probably be the ideal place to live. Not Boston - it's too pricey. But Maine has some really nice towns, parts of NH and VT are very pretty and the people are grand. 

    Hawaii is too expensive and Alaska is too far from everything. 

    Worst states:




    New Mexico


    Worst cities:

    Camden, NJ

    Detroit, MI

    St. Louis, MO

    Memphis, TN

    Baltimore, MD

    Though I would argue that most sizable cities in the Deep South from Atlanta to New Orleans are rubbish, and every city in California sucks like Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton, etc. 

    I think a trailer park filled with toothless meth addicts that's a short drive from a metro area where there's a lot of urban blight and crime would be the "worst" place to live, but there are areas like that from coast to coast. I think the ones in the NE are not as bad as the ones in other places though. 

    • ?
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      8 months agoReport

      You sound like an Australian

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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Probably incarcerated in one of the private prisons. You can say that no matter where you are someone else has it worse. Bad living conditions for one person may be luxury for someone else. 

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  • geezer
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    8 months ago

    At the moment, probably the White House.

    Proof ..

    Even his wife refuses to live there, with him.

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