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Is my boyfriend using me for sex? Does he really love me ?

My boyfriend has changed so much lately. At first he was a friendly, a bit shy but always kind, good hearted young man. Since both his parents lost their jobs, theu moved to a broken down house that stinks. His dad has tried so hard to repair it, but the landlord doesn't cover his work. My boyfriend sleeps in the living room the re is no room. This is the only thing they can afford with their low incomes. My boyfriend supports them by working but he hates his job cause it's too hard. He started also selling drugs and got into a bad circle of 'friends'. He neglects himself, drinks and smokes since all this happened. I lost my virginity to him and I love him so much, I want to have a family and kids with him,but he changed so much I cant recognize him. He tells me to go away, that I won't save him, that he hates his life, that he hates everyone. Once he got into a fight with a guy who approached me after I went looking for him in a bar, and after that he grabbed me by my coat begging him not to be part of his life. We stopped making love after he was about to cry after coming and refused to be hugged by me. When I try to kiss him or hug him he flinches and begs me to go away. But I can't. I love him. I hate seeing him like this. He refuses my help and my birthday present savings. I want the old him back. He told me he cried afyer reading my letter. Why can't he come back the way it used to be? I'm starting to think he has used me all this time for sex.

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    hes obviously not using u for sex, and i think you can see what hes going through right now. its not you, and theres really nothing that u personally can do to help him. all of these other responses are insensitive and shitty. i know that youre trying your best but the friends he has arent really friends, and u should try and steer him away from them. however u cant put all of this responsibility on yourself, this is a really difficult situation for everyone involved.

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    He probably didn't use you all this time for sex, but why do you want him, the way he is now?  He's selling drugs and hanging out in bars and drinking. He's using his family's present financial situation as an excuse. You say he begs you to go away?  Do it! -- and DON'T offer him your birthday present savings.

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    We'll at least you know he loves the sex....isn't that good enough for you?

    If not find better sex.

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    if you really want to know ask him kindly provide him something and see and then have the right time to ask, and if I were you talk to him tell him that he does not need to end his life and that u love him very much he would not understand but be kind and relax understand his pain and give him as much support as possible and get him to talk, but tell him I understand what your going through  but I need you to talk to me so I can help u and find what we need to do to make you happy and to get u the right amount of help we can get

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    Maybe but you need to talk to him about it

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    So out of all that you wrote, how did you deduce that he used you for sex? Just curious.

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    Despite his poverty, he spends money on cigarettes and drugs.

    He is plainly NOT using you for say that you are not doing it.

    He is unlikely to become more stable. Time to move on

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    Obvious troll is obvious.

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    Just dump him after you find a replacement. You really don't want to go through a dry spell for months

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