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I'm autistic and so I lied to the court and the mental health department today and people said I'll get caught, why do people think that ?

So I had court today and I got the court order papers for treatment and one of the requirements was that I have to attend some sort of workshop or clubhouse type of program. The program is from 8am to 5pm and I don't want to do that. I had an idea in my head already and so I used it to my advantage. I told them that I just got hired for a volunteer position at a dentist clinic and I gave them the name of my cousin's dentist place but didn't reveal the address specifically. Everyone says that I will get caught for this when I'm sure that they aren't gonna call my cousin who is a dentist and ask her. Plus she is family and so she could cover for if needed. The court appointed attorney told me that the court order is only valid in north carolina and so if I leave for college to go to georgia and alabama then the court order won't follow me. He said if I return back to north carolina then the court order is reinstated but if I moved away to georgia or alabama then I'm free and they would just expect me to get treatment voluntary. I'm getting a private clinic psychiatrist and therapist when I move to avoid being tied to a state clinic who can use laws to do these stuff to me. Everyone says that I'm gonna get caught and get arrested when they find out about this stuff about the volunteering position. Everyone still keeps on claiming that I will violate court order if I were to move. Why do people still think that I'll violate court order by doing this ? How can I get caught lying?

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    1st of all, for the private therapist, you can request to be excused from the program for that time.

    If what you are saying is true, they are idiots.....only an idiot would believe you volunteered at a dental clinic.

    And when they show up to check, and cousin lies, cousin ends up criminally charged...and you have a probation violation. If cousin is licensed/certified, that can be revoked.....

    you've been lucky, the cops are stupid.

    EITHER THE LAWYER IS STUPID or you MISUNDERSTOOD, you can't run from a court order.

    if you were to really go away to college, you would need to petition the court to modify it so you could meet terms at the college (see a therapist there)

    unless you have a medically documented condition that makes you unable to get there at 8am, you will adjust....

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  • Lita
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    Because Jacob, you will get caught. You will be found out and you will get into trouble.

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  • 9 months ago

    i wouldnt lie, you could get caught

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