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How to care for a plecostumus?

So I have a water trough goldfish and koi pond. And before we get into this I am well aware of the koi needing large places. I initially planned to grow these koi and give them to a friend with a pond and then grow out a few more, just for the fun of it. But then that family moved to Houston which is several hours away. And obviously I got a really good sized water tub but I still know this was a dumb impulse decision and will be upgrading to one of those huge circular ponds and adding just a few more koi and goldies by spring. I live in central Texas, and now will be heating the pond to keep the pleco alive. Anyways to the pleco. I had recently lost my Raphael catfish of 8 years. I had never had a fish so long. And later that day my buddy invited me to his house to help them pack up and move, and I saw a half empty fish tank with a pleco too big to live in it. I talked to his dad who instantly said I could take him. My buddy stepped on the lid, and fought the pleco for a while but we caught him gently and I put him in a bucket. I threw a heater in my pond and went back to college for the week. He’s around 10 inches. He is not fish aggressive he was living with small gourami. I just wanna know his care no complaining. I know I must feed him and not rely on the algae my pond may have. But what’s the best way to keep them healthy? Any food recommendations?

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  • 7 months ago

    As long as you have the heater and enough space for it to continue to grow he will be ok. Any type of algea pellets are great for them. Throw in some cucumber pieces every once in a while and he'll really enjoy those, so will the koi. If you plan on keeping him in the pond for the winter there is always a chance he may not make it. For the winter I would buy a tank for him to stay in until you reach the warmer seasons to put him back in the pond. For your koi the pond should be at least 3-4ft deep especially if you plan on keeping them in it for the winter. 

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  • Jack H
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    7 months ago

    You fought it and caught it gently???

    Don't worry, you'll kill it over the winter, but it will probably kill a couple of your stunted koi before it dies...

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